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Stamping Processes

Progressive Stamping: An Overview

Stamped Part

What is Progressive Stamping?

One of the services performed at NH Stamping is Progressive Stamping. This is a process that unwinds material from a coil into a press with a custom die. The die has multiple stations which the metal passes through. As the material is fed through each station, the die will punch, bend, or stamp parts simultaneously. At the last station, the die cuts a finished part from the strip of material. These parts can undergo as many as 30 steps to produce the final product. 
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Chlorinated Paraffins Alternative – An Environmentally Friendly Lubricant

Metal StampingSince World War 2, Chlorinated Paraffins have been a big player in the stamping and machining industry. Used to provide lubrication for these operations, chlorinated paraffins are found everywhere. Over time however, we have learned that these paraffins are non-biodegradable, turn highly acidic in high temperature use, and pose an environmental risk. In the wake of new regulations and the need to find a less acidic and environmentally friendly solution, Steve Costain of NH Stamping partnered with International Chemical Company to find an alternative. Continue reading