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Overseas Manufacturing – The Danger to Workers

manufacturingNH Stamping recently received a brochure from an overseas manufacturing company “showcasing” their production floor and equipment. Unfortunately, the pamphlet did more harm than good. The images show workers in a dirty shop with equipment lacking safety guards, reaching into active machinery, welding with minimal face and eye protection, and the list goes on.

In the US, manufacturers adhere to government regulations that ensure the safety of our workers and environment, preventing situations like this. Overseas manufacturers do not have to abide by the same protocols. Even though their labor and production costs are staggeringly less than ours because of this, their low prices do come at a cost. As a result of little to no regulation, many overseas work floors have dangerous practices that are unsafe for workers and are detrimental to the environment.

By following rules from the EPA, OSHA, insurance companies, and more, US manufacturing remains sustainable and ensures the safety and well-being of our workers. The benefit of these regulations far outweighs the cost. When you choose a US manufacturer, you are nearly guaranteed that their workers are properly compensated and that they comply with regulations on waste discharge, emissions, and more.

At NH Stamping, we take pride in being a US Manufacturer. Our workers’ safety comes first. Conforming to OSHA standards ensures that our machinery and operation floor is safe. This is reinforced by our Insurance Policy which has high standards for worker safety. As we follow the EPA’s standards, we are working towards a cleaner environment. In addition, we take extra strides towards reducing toxic waste such as our collaboration to find an environmentally friendly lubricant for our stamping process. Other US government regulations further help keep workers safe and protect our environment. When looking for a manufacturing service for your next project, consider the bigger picture of sustainability and worker well being.

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