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Progressive Stamping: An Overview

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What is Progressive Stamping?

One of the services performed at NH Stamping is Progressive Stamping. This is a process that unwinds material from a coil into a press with a custom die. The die has multiple stations which the metal passes through. As the material is fed through each station, the die will punch, bend, or stamp parts simultaneously. At the last station, the die cuts a finished part from the strip of material. These parts can undergo as many as 30 steps to produce the final product. 

Advantages of Progressive Stamping

Progressive stamping can be initially higher in costs due to the need to make a complex custom die. However, with this initial higher cost also comes higher efficiency and inexpensive mass production of multistep parts. By using this form of stamping, the base material is fashioned into the final part at one press.

Parts Made Quickly

Because progressive stamping forms multiple parts at once at varying stages, production run times are greatly shortened. The first run of a part will have a higher lead time due to the need to produce the custom die. Once the die has been made however, nearly unlimited runs can be made of that single part. Simply call your metal stamping company and they can quickly run another batch of your complex formed part.


With automation comes higher efficiency, less human error, and less waste. Strong dies have a long lifespan and maintain their accuracy. Reduced manual labor means higher accuracy and less costs when stamping your parts. Because of the benefits of automation, progressive stamping brings you higher precision and a lower cost product.

Low Cost High Volume Runs

With this increased productivity, subsequent orders of your part are incredibly cost effective and quick to manufacture. Because this process requires less manual labor and set up, as well as multiple parts formed at once with one die, high volume runs do not slow down production. If one was to use manual bending and stamping, prices would increase due to the additional labor and production time would decrease significantly. 

Common Applications of Progressive Stamping

Any part that needs to undergo multiple steps to be formed during its manufacturing process is a great candidate for progressive metal stamping. It offers mass production of complex stamped parts for a number of industries. Industries that we often serve with our progressive stamping capabilities include:

  • Aerospace
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • And More

With progressive stamping, we make innumerable fast, high volume, complex parts for our clients. Have questions? Leave a comment below!

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