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Why Go Local for Metal Stamped Parts?

Local product is all the buzz today, especially when it comes to artisan wares and fresh grown produce. But why should you look into local manufacturing and stamping services for your business? Especially when it isn’t always the cheapest option? Here we will discuss just a few advantages to going local for your metal stamping and manufacturing needs.

Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

This is especially true with precision stamped parts and prototypes. Although overseas product may be less expensive, is it more cost effective? How long will the parts last? Will they be manufactured to specifications? How many defects will be found in your product? Will it perform as needed? What is the skill level of the workers? While local companies could have similar issues, we have more regulations and standards in place for quality control. And when issues do arise, we have procedures to make adjustments. In addition, worker safety is considered and valued. In the end, you get what you pay for.

Conserve Our Environment

Unfortunately China, India and other non-US manufacturing companies have made little efforts to control and reduce manufacturing pollution. With minimal standards to conserve our environment, the damaging effects are immense. Uncontrolled pollution has long lasting worldwide effects on our air, water, and ecosystem, many of which we are still discovering. Although overseas might seem more “cost effective”, it comes at a heavy price. With US companies, we have EPA laws in place to protect our environment. In addition, companies like NH Stamping strive to exceed the standards in place. It is important it is to safeguard our ecosystem and develop sustainable manufacturing practices for the longevity of our environment.

Get to See Where Your Parts are Made

A shop’s floor and equipment can tell you a lot about the quality of product you will receive. Being able to see the facility is important when looking for a metal stamping service. When you visit your stamping company’s production area, look for the condition of the equipment, workshop cleanliness, and worker safety. This is important for a number of reasons.

  1. You want your parts produced on inspected and calibrated equipment. All equipment should be clean and well cared for. This is key for high precision components. Well maintained equipment means less waste and better quality parts.
  2. The work environment should be laid out for ease of manufacturing. This will increase productivity and reduce labor costs.
  3. Good work conditions means more productive workers. Safety is key for staff on a manufacturing floor.

Going local means you can view a company’s facility and decide if they can accommodate your needs.  

Work One-On-One With the Staff

One of the great advantages of manufacturing locally is the ease of communication throughout your product’s design. From prototype to production, you can work directly with the engineers, inspect tooling, see the process, and be directly involved in the making of your part. This allows for face-to-face conversations to resolve issues quickly, discuss production and quickly make modifications. By working with a local company, you can be more involved to get the exact product you need.

 In Conclusion

Going local allows you to see where your part is made, work directly with the company’s staff, receive quality parts quickly, and conserve our environment. Cost isn’t everything as local businesses implement worker safety and adhere to or even exceed government standards. Next time you are looking for a metal stamping service, consider going local.

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