Vapor Degreasing Services for Parts Cleaning

Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing process which uses solvents in vapor form to cleanse the part in preparation for further operations. By heating the solvent to a boil, the vapors then rise into an open space chamber which strips the work piece of all oil, grease and other containments.

Precision parts, stackable parts, delicate parts and parts with blind holes are particularly great candidates for vapor degreasing. Vapor degreasing also prepares part surfaces for other finishing processes such as welding, plating, etc. Our vapor degreasing process reveals a 100% clean, dry part - free of all residues and ready for the next process or application.

Flat, thin, delicate, machined, and tubular parts are no problem. If your part will fit in an 18” x 24” X 8” tall basket and does not exceed 50lbs, we can degrease it!

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