Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Wire Edm New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc. provides Wire EDM Machining Services for structurally complex metal parts and components. Learn about the advantages of Wire EDM Machining below.

Advantages of Using Wire EDM

  • Ability to cut precisely; Wire EDM Machining can be accurate to +/-.0001".
  • Ability to cut nearly square internal corners
  • Ability to cut tapers that would be impossible to cut otherwise
  • Faster, more accurate production runs
  • Ideal for delicate or intricate parts
  • No burrs are generated
  • No tooling is required so delivery times are short
  • Pieces over 12" thick can be machined
  • Tools and parts are machined after heat treatment so dimensional accuracy is held and not affected by heat treat distortion

Wire EDM Superior Accuracy

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for manufacturing metal parts and components with complex shapes and geometries. Wire EDM can be used to cut extremely hard metals and parts with intricate shapes, internal corners, tapers, and complex angles. Small intricate shapes can be cut with superior accuracy (+/-.0001").

We can Wire EDM conductive metals from Aluminum to Carbide. Our services include prototypes, small lots, or production runs. Small part EDM machining is our specialty.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Capabilities Include:

  • Maximum Angle: +/- 10 degrees in 12" thick material
  • Materials from Aluminum to Carbide
  • Maximum Travel: X = 21.7", maximum Y = 14.6", maximum Z =12.2"
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 12" Tall
  • Maximum Work Piece Dimensions: 40" x 26 x 12
  • Maximum Work Piece Weight: 1000 Lbs.
  • Tolerances can be held to .0001
  • Wire Diameters from .008” - .010"

New Hampshire Stamping is an experienced metal parts manufacturer equipped to comply with exacting manufacturing tolerances, specifications, and geometrical constraints. Please contact us today to learn why we should be your choice for EDM Machining.