Full Service Metal Stamping

New Hampshire Stamping Company., Inc. offers a complete range of progressive metal stamping, and value-added assembly services that will exceed your expectations and help you secure a competitive advantage.

Precision Stamping: New Hampshire Stamping Company, Inc. specializes in quick turn around precision metal stamping of heat-resistant metal alloys, ferrous nonferrous and exotic metals and assembly for small volume and prototype orders. Our skilled engineering staff is readily available to assist with product development and engineering as well as in-house tool design and fabrication.

Dies: We repair, maintain and run existing dies or design and build new ones. New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc.’s utilizes technologically advanced metal stamping systems and process controls to ensure we meet your quote, delivery, inventory and tracking needs every time.

Progressive metal stamping requires the expertise of experienced and disciplined engineers and tool and die makers who can execute even the most complex metal stamping operations with precision, accuracy and correctness. We offer a complete range of precision metal stamping and value-added assembly services from simple blanking tools, to complex progressive stamping dies. Our metal stamping presses range in size from 22 to 100 tons enabling us to produce simple and complex shapes from dies custom designed, developed and engineered in our in-house tool and die department. Our fully-automated metal stamping presses are fast, repeatable and programmable, enhancing dimensional control, standardizing accuracy and reducing final cost of your quality metal parts.

New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc. has the engineering expertise, equipment and systems to make your unique design concept a successful operational reality. Solidify your competitive advantage and increase your profit with custom prototypes from New Hampshire Stamping Co., Inc. Please contact us today to learn why we are the strategic partner of choice for optimal metal stamping services at an outstanding value.